Dr Christopher Philips, Forensic Genetics Unit, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Investigating the use of MPS for non-human and other specialist forensic applications
Dr Jon Wetton, Co-Director, Electrophoresis Forensic Genomics Unit, Leicester University, UK

The Impact of MPS on National Databases: Considerations, Challenges and Opportunities
Dr Kees van der Beek MBA, Custodian Dutch DNA-database, Netherlands Forensic Institute, Netherlands

The Impact of Massively Parallel Sequencing on Genomics and a Vision for Forensic Genomics
Professor Peter de Knijff, Forensic Laboratory for DNA Research, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands

Automation solutions for NGS in Forensic DNA research.
Willem van Loon, Market Segment Manager Applied Markets, Hamilton.

Exploring MPS For RNA profiling
Titia Sijen, Team Leader, Netherlands Forensic Institute, Netherlands

Developmental Validation of the MiSeqFGx Forensic Genomics System
Joe Varlaro, Sr. Manager, Market Development, Forensic Genomics, USA

Implementation of MPS into a Specialist Casework Laboratory
Dr David Ballard, Senior Scientist, DNA Analysis, King’s College London, UK

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